Large bowel cancer is a growth which can affect any part of the large intestine from the rectum ( exhaust box above the back passage) around to the appendix. Patients with bowel cancer can have very different symptoms. These can include:

1. Blood from the bottom on opening the bowels
2. Change in bowel habit ( number of times a day the bowel opens or consistency of the poo)
3. Weight loss
4. Urgency ( an unpleasant urgent desire to go to the toilet)
All of the above symptoms can be completely innocent and may represent a non-sinister problem such as haemorrhoids (piles).

Bowel cancer can run in families. If you are worried because you have a family history of bowel cancer or because you have any of the symptoms above please go to your GP for an initial assessment. Your GP can then consider referring you to see one of our Surgeons at The Surgeons Clinic who will carefully listen to your story and ask you appropriate questions. We can then make an initial examination if appropriate in our office and make arrangements for any specific diagnostic investigations such as a colonoscopy.