One of the most distressing symptoms that we see is a loss of control of the bowels. This can simply be a little leakage of moisture or mucus but can be as devastating as complete incontinence the faeces. Diagnosis and treatment of faecal incontinence are complex but our surgeons have a great deal of experience in managing these sorts of problems. It’s important to differentiate between conditions that make the faeces arrived to rapidly at the back passage (in other words urgency and diarrhoea) and those which relate to problems with the valve or anal sphincter at the very end of the bowel. There are a number of specialist investigations which can help us differentiate the various causes of incontinence.

There is a huge amount that can be offered in terms of treatment to relieve this devastating symptom and therefore it is certainly worthwhile speaking to your GP in the first instance and seeing whether or not a referral to one of our surgeons would be appropriate. We often find that people are embarrassed by the symptom and therefore do not seek advice. You can be reassured that we see many many patients with these problems and find that we can often alleviate the distress and improve their symptoms.