When some people open their bowels they can get a prolapse from their back passage.

This can simply be a haemorrhoid (pile) which has popped out and either pops back on its own once the deaf action has completed or it has to be pushed back in by the patient. In some people, the haemorrhoid can be permanently on the outside and cannot be pushed back inside. Alternatively, the prolapse can be more serious such as “full thickness rectal prolapse” when the rectum turns inside out and hangs down quite a way. Sometimes just the lining of the back passage will come out as in “ mucosal prolapse”.

If you feel that you have something which comes out when you go to the toilet you should visit your GP who can give you an idea as to what the problem is. If you ask your GP to refer you to The Surgeons Clinic one of our clinicians will listen to your story carefully and then examine you to make the diagnosis. Treatment options can then be discussed according to the problem diagnosed.

Here at The Surgeons Clinic we always try to recommend minimally invasive procedures yo manage prolapse.