Mr Windsor has lead the development of ‘Abdominal Wall Reconstruction’ (AWR) as an emerging sub-specialty in the UK. He has very much been at the forefront of developing and integrating new surgical techniques for the management of these complex abdominal and incisional hernias. Once again he has also pioneered a joint surgical approach to these highly skilled and complex procedures with plastic surgeons. This joint approach is increasingly adopted in other units around the UK.

He runs regular teaching courses at UCLH and the Princess Grace Hospital. His Abdominal Wall research unit at UCLH has been hugely active in the field of AWR research and has published numerous, peer-reviewed articles in this area.

He and his plastic surgery colleague are also co-chairs and organizers of the annual ‘AWR Europe’ meeting. A hugely successful, international symposium on management of abdominal wall hernias, attracts a worldwide faculty and worldwide audience. Currently, in its fourth year, the meeting is firmly on the international AWR calendar.

In addition to the complexities of abdominal wall reconstruction, we offer a comprehensive hernia service at London Digestive Surgery. If you have concerns about hernia, big or small, we have the expertise to evaluate and treat accordingly.

He is a Board Member of the British Hernia Society.

Mr Windsor is also considered one of the leading inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) surgeons in the UK. Recently voted one of the top ten IBD doctors in the UK by his medical and surgical peers.

He is a founder member of Surgical European Crohn’s and Colitis Organization and a past committee member of the IBD section of British Society of Gastroenterology. Working with these organisations, he has been a contributing author for European and UK guidelines on the management of IBD. This high level of expertise and understanding of these extremely complex diseases allows him to balance the application of surgery with that of medical medical management to allow the best outcomes for his patients. It is increasingly clear that this clinical decision making is fundamental to the success of IBD care.

One area of particular skill that Mr Windsor has developed, through years of experience managing these sorts of cases, is the management of abdominal surgical complications. Many of these complex surgical problems result from the complexity of the diseases themselves but on occasions they arise out of the difficult nature of the surgery require to treat them. He has been fortunate to acquire a national reputation and hence a very busy tertiary referral practice from his consultant surgical and medical colleagues to help manage these difficulties.

Mr Windsor is also part of the development and implementation of a unique, private IBD multidisciplinary team based at the London Digestive Center at Welbeck street. This team allows discussion of complex IBD cases at an individual patient level facilitating ‘tailoring’ of treatment for these patients which is the gold standard for IBD care. The team is fortunate to boast a stellar line up of physicians, surgeons, radiologists and pathologist with world wide reputations.

IBD brochure

Mr Windsor has further expertise in the management of colorectal cancer. A fully trained laparoscopic surgeon combined with his skills in the management of the complex abdomen, facilitate his safe and effective management of all aspects of cancer surgery.

He is Chairman of the GI tumor board that controls GI cancer care for the world leading private healthcare group HCA International and it’s private hospital facilities in London. He is Chairman of the colorectal cancer multi-disciplinary team who meet to discuss the individual management of every patient with colorectal cancer treated at the Princess Grace and Harley Street Clinic hospitals. He is also intimately involved in the development of colorectal cancer pathways that ensure rapid, safe and clinically consistent care for cancer patients at HCA.

In addition to his specialist area of practice, Mr Windsor has also maintains a busy clinical practice in the broader aspects of colorectal surgery including minimal access (keyhole) surgery, diverticular disease, prolapse and incontinence, irritable and functional bowel disorders and proctology (haemorrhoids, fistula, fissure, pilonidal disease etc).

He has over two hundred publications and books and book chapters and remains a committed surgical trainer and educator.