Haemorrhoids, also known as piles, can be a chronic, painful and often embarrassing condition to suffer from, especially when they leave your bottom feeling swollen or itchy. The presence of haemorrhoids, anal tags or skin tags can lead to many symptoms, including bleeding when passing stools, mucus discharge and even protruding lumps that can be uncomfortable.

Often, people live with haemorrhoids for years without realising they have this problem, resulting in extended pain and other issues. But for those with more chronic or severe symptoms, it’s important to get treatment as soon as possible and speak to a doctor about your problems and concerns.

If you’re struggling with haemorrhoids, and the over-the-counter treatments just aren’t working, then you might be an excellent candidate for Haemorrhoid surgery, with one of London’s top private haemorrhoid surgeons. Not only can these haemorrhoid treatments quickly alleviate your symptoms, but they can also help you get back to your old, healthy life without fear or itching, pain or bleeding.

As specialists in digestive surgeries and treatments, we offer a range of different options to match each patient, including:


An operation to remove haemorrhoids carried out under general anaesthetic, in which the haemorrhoids are cut off from within the anus. This offers a one in twenty chance of the piles returning, making it a far more effective choice than other non-surgical treatments, and has a relatively quick recovery time following surgery.

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    Stapled haemorrhoidectomy

    As with a standard haemorrhoidectomy, this surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic. This alternative to the traditional surgery is often used for prolapsed haemorrhoids and involves a part of the anorectum – the final part of the large intestine – being stapled to prevent haemorrhoids from occurring.


    Known by the acronym ‘HALO’, a Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation Operation is another choice that our surgeons may opt for in the removal of piles. Using a proctoscope, the surgeon can perform exact actions while the patient is under general anaesthetic, allowing the placement of a stitch to prevent blood flow to haemorrhoids, causing them to shrink.


    Minimally invasive and with no need for a general anaesthetic, this haemorrhoid treatment works by utilising radiofrequency ablation technology to shrink the size of piles quickly and effectively, with a procedure that doesn’t require an overnight stay. This is ideal for smaller, internal haemorrhoids as it may not fully shrink or remove larger or prolapsed piles.

    Mr Alistair Windsor, haemorrhoid surgery specialist in London

    As a private haemorrhoid surgeon with years of experience in colorectal treatment, Mr Alistair Windsor provides a range of haemorrhoid treatments from inside the London Digestive Centre. The specialist gastrointestinal clinic has the facilities to deliver a high standard of care to all patients seeking haemorrhoid treatment. If going private seems like the best choice for you, then get in contact with us today.